T H E   R E S T A U R A N T

Looking for a culinary experience? Our restaurant is perfect for you. Trendy, modern, and chic, it’ll give a chance to test international gastronomic cuisines paired with the most eclectic ambiance. Partly covered and partly al fresco, it catches cool sea breezes as you soak up the club’s atmosphere with fine food and a supreme service. A visit to our restaurant can only be described as a love at first bite experience!


T H E   F O O D

Our culinary team was carefully selected for their skills, creativity and ability to create a menu that combines flavors from all over the world, while emphasizing Mediterranean tastes. Our dishes are prepared with the most exquisite ingredients, locally sourced to ensure an authentic gastronomic experience. Overlooking the sea and the pool, the restaurant offers all types of food: from a luxurious fine-dining and opulent wine-tasting experience to a broad selection of tasty snacks or our not only healthy but also delicious signature dishes.