At Opium Beach Club Marbella, each party has a different vibe and theme! Check out our calendar to see the dates of our upcoming parties and which ones suit you the most. You can make bookings online through our calendar and see what’s going on daily. Don’t forget to pick whether you are planning to attend the day or night session… or both!

D A Y  B E A C H  C L U B

Come and join us every day at one of the hottest pools of Marbella. A fascinating venue comprised of dipping pools, daybeds, bungalows, where you’ll party your worries away as world-renowned DJs bring out the best music and gradually go from a relaxing summer chill atmosphere to a more festive beats. Order our bottle service in the privacy of your own area or lounge in the pool with a cocktail. Rejuvenate your soul through any of our shisha offerings or massage options. Entertainers, singers, and dancers will provide guests with the most glamorous and exciting parties and an experience they won’t forget.


day club
night club

O P I U M  N I G H T S

Once the sun drops every night, the 4,000 square-meter space transforms into a moonlit outdoor lounge. Discover the amazing Opium nightlife experience as you dive in with the hottest beats to dance the night away. Enjoy performances of different artists and DJs on stage every evening. Built-in lighting, incredible visual effects, and an amazing sound system will keep the party vibes going through the night while you toast to summer and life.



The bed reservation shows the maximum number of people allowed per bed. If you want to book more than one bed please contact us to ensure that the beds are located next to each other.
All tables have a minimum spend – the online payment represents 20% of the minimum spend to ensure the reservation. The rest must be paid upon entrance on the day.
Reservations are valid until 3:30 PM. Past that time, the reservation and the deposit will be lost.


  • Juan Magan (resident artist)
  • DJ Peet (resident DJ)
  • Mike Sierra (resident DJ)
  • Abdon (resident DJ)
  • Saldivar (resident DJ)
  • Morad 23/07
  • Kisko Espinosa 24/07
  • Chris Stussy & Mattias Tanzmann 25/07
  • Ir Sais 26/07
  • Paula Cendejas 28/07
  • Mala Rodriguez 30/07
  • La Tourné 31/07
  • Adriatique 01/08
  • Gazo 02/08
  • Stay Homas 03/08
  • Efecto Mariposa 04/08
  • La Young & Elilluminari 06/08
  • A Tu vera 07/08
  • Heuss L’Enfoire 09/08
  • Pole 11/08
  • Arnau Griso 12/08
  • Daviles de Novelda 13/08
  • Yet Garbey & Cosa de Dos 14/08
  • Sven Vath 15/08
  • L’Algerino 16/08
  • Juanlu Montoya 18/08
  • Ptazeta 19/08
  • Ana Mena 20/08
  • Al Pairo & Chanely 21/08
  • NAPS 23/08
  • Demarco Flamenco 25/08
  • Morad 27/08
  • Dollar Semouni 03/09